Author of Corporate Credit Unleashed announces book tour

Added by on May 8, 2012

The author of Corporate Credit Unleashed, Kevyn Jerome Nelson, announces the launch of his book and seminar tour, beginning on May 23 in Chicago, IL during the Black Enterprise Conference.

“My services start at US$5,000 yet I wanted a way to offer my hands-on, one-on-one counseling services to entertainers and others that need a more affordable access, would like to know more about business credit and want to improve their knowledge about building business credit,” commented Nelson.

According to Nelson, most of his financial consulting services are used by entertainers, who are mainly at the peak of professional careers, yet are financially suffering. Nelson said his previous clients include Ralph Tresvant, TLC, Adina Howard, Brian Austin Green, and “Moesha’s” Lamont Bentley.

The book signing and seminar tour starts on May 23 2012 in Chicago, IL with stops in Atlanta, LA, Dallas, Miami, Detroit, Houston, Las Vegas, Charlotte, New York, New Orleans, Indianapolis, and Baltimore and will run during the Black Enterprise Conference – that attracts over 1,500 participants each year, said Nelson.

“I’m looking forward to meeting people that have read, or are reading, Corporate Credit Unleashed – it’s available at Amazon, Books a Million, and Borders,” said Nelson.

Find out more by visiting the Corporate Credit Unleashed webpage on Amazon.


Kevyn Jerome Nelson was educated at Southern California University of Professional Studies, where he earned a BA in Corporate Law and Entrepreneurial Studies. Nelson says he has serviced a wide range of clients who have acquired money from an equally wide range of sources.