Binary options trading platform iTrader announces website redesign

Added by on December 24, 2012

iTrader is pleased to announce the launch of its newly redesigned binary options trading website that focuses on providing resources for binary options trading.

“Binary options, or digital options trading, is a great way to make profits since there are only two possible outcomes within a reasonable amount of time – usually within less than an hour – and profits are fixed, so the investor knows what the profit could be before placing the trade,” explained an iTrader spokesperson.

According to iTrader, it is Israel’s biggest binary options trading company. iTrader is unique because it provides trainers to their clients. iTrader also provides real time response, and technical and analysis capabilities.

“Our website differs from those of traditional asset trading and the redesign makes it easy for investors trading options to invest in stocks, currencies, and commodities with little to no knowledge of the stock market. The site’s new layout helps investors to browse and search for binary options that may interest them. the iTrader website also highlights the fixed profit investors may make if the outcome is in the money on the option’s expiration,” added the iTrader spokesperson.

“We offer daily market information, heat signatures, fundamental analysis, technical analysis, trend following analysis and specialized technical analysis like tracking momentum. The site’s redesign helps traders access these tools for realtime feedback and analysis for beginners and professionals,” explained the iTrader spokesperson.

Binary trading has become popular during the past several years, mainly due to its simplicity and risk management since the profit an investor could make is known prior to investing. Binary options are short-term investments that often have expiration times of 5 to 60 minutes.

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