BubbyBear: just in time for baby’s first Christmas

Added by on November 16, 2011

BubbyBear announces the launch of the newest online retail store for new parents, and parents of toddlers, to buy custom crafted designer crochet baby hats, clothing, and cute accessories, www.bubbybear.com.au.

BubbyBear’s owner said, “With the northern hemispheres winter holiday’s right around the corner, BubbyBear has made a wildly popular online debut displaying the finest handcrafted clothing and accessories for babies, toddlers and young kids.”

A spokesperson for BubbyBear said, “The fabulous BubbyBear lineup of assorted knitted crochet baby caps and beanies will surely introduce the little ones to real comfort this Christmas. The cute selection of exclusive crocheted hats cannot be found in any retail store or other online establishment.

“A wide variety of BubbyBear products are for babies 0-12 months and are beautifully designed with unique flower designs and baby safe ribbons. Each beanie is crocheted by world class artisans that have primed BubbyBear to take over the baby clothing market with quality products”.

Economists say this holiday season is very different from previous years – many people have had more financial setbacks than any other time in their personal lives. The current financial crisis has many shopping around for the best deals to give their babies the best quality clothing without further breaking the bank.

The spokesperson for BubbyBear continued, “For everyone looking to save money on holiday baby shopping, BubbyBear has great prices on all baby clothing needs. For those looking to find discounts on practical baby clothing, BubbyBear has a large list of cute prints that are great for boys and girls”.

A regular BubbyBear client said, “Many parents enjoy the ability to make their babies look luxurious in their clothes. Celebrity parents usually go a long way in providing their babies with the bells and whistles that many working parents can only dream of. Wealthy parents usually drape their newborns in expensive clothes made by designers that are household names”.

The client continued, “Now, the average working parent can dress their children in the hottest baby style trends in the world at a fraction of the cost. BubbyBear manages to have prices on designer baby stay at a fraction of the cost because the clothes are made locally. There are no exorbitant overseas shipping rates taking away from BubbyBear production. All products are made locally and are priced to accommodate any budget.”

Visit the company’s website at http://www.bubbybear.com.au.