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Los Angeles, CA, USA – In the past, businesses and homeowners had one utility bill from one electricity or natural gas company and had no choice in the matter, according to Rusty Abravanel of Energy Advisory Group. Electricity companies were given geographical areas and had a monopoly on every customer there. The Energy Advisory Group says deregulation of the energy industry allows businesses in most states a choice from among many electricity and natural gas companies and in the process save on their electricity and natural gas bill overall.

“Natural gas rates has a cost,” Mr. Abravanel says. “Some businesses, such as restaurants, can have thousands of dollars a month in electricity usage before they even open the door each day. The idea of saving electricity is a welcome concept for business owners, and now it is a reality due to the fact that in most markets there are many electricity companies competing for your business.”

Rusty Abravanel says that to become eligible for these savings one would have to switch their electricity from their current supplier. Since these utility companies that have had a monopoly in the past wish to hold on to their customers, they try to force people into a one-year agreement without their knowledge, so it is better to switch as soon as possible if one intends to switch.

“The benefits of switching include cheaper rates due to larger companies being able to offer better service,” Rusty Abravanel says. “In the past, a single company could drive up prices in a local area, but now other electricity companies can come in and give electricity to business and homeowners at a reduced rate. Among those organizations that can benefit from the new deregulation are businesses, local government, factories, restaurants, churches, and schools.”

Rusty Abravanel’s company, Energy Advisory Group, can contact all energy companies on behalf of a business and get the best quotes immediately; thus they have the ability to negotiate the best rates on behalf of the business.

Most recently, Energy Advisory Group won contracts and lower rates for two local government agencies: Los Angeles County Health Department & Atwater Health Departments in California. These two agencies are now getting lower rates on electricity from Commerce Energy and have bypassed the local energy company, which previously had a monopoly and higher rates in the area.

Rusty Abravanel says that both the electricity and the natural gas rates can be renegotiated to find the lowest rates from a new company.

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