Celebrities love Mama’s Milk baby carriers

Added by on March 13, 2012

Celebrities like Actress Denise Richards of It’s Complicated , Actor Chris Noth of Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Khloe Kardashian from Keeping up with the Kardashians, Singer Christina Milian, and many more have one thing in common – they love their Mama’s Milk baby carriers.

“What’s different is this baby carrier is adjustable for both moms and dads. If you lose or gain weight, or you want to wear it over a coat, or maybe let you husband wear the baby carrier without bulky snaps or rings. Everything is hidden, it’s sleek”, said Jude Kulpers

Mama’s Milk is a family run business located in South Florida, USA and was started by a stay-at-home-mother. The fashionable baby carriers are made using washable cotton or silk fabrics, accommodate seven positions for babies, and fasted from the inside so the stitching lines are hidden. The baby carriers leave both of the wearer’s hands free, while keeping babies and toddlers close.

The baby carrier is easier to use than a stroller, lighter than a carseat, and faster to put on, take off, and adjust than traditional front carriers. The baby carrier is not just for infants – they can be used for children from birth to about three years old.

“My husband ordered two slings for us and we do not go anywhere without them. People stop us every time we go out wearing it, wanting to know about it, where it came from, how we like it, etc. I wish we had business cards that I could hand out. We brag about how life is easier with your sling,” said Stephanie Stoval, of Smithville, TX, a user of the baby carrier.

Find out more about Mama’s Milk baby carriers by visiting http://www.MammasMilk.com