says CFDs ‘vital tool’ to leveraging market movements

Added by on February 9, 2012

Contracts for difference broker comparison site has said that CFDs are a “vital tool” for traders looking to make the most of financial markets, providing a cost-efficient mechanism for highly leveraged trading on short-term market movements.

Online CFD broker comparison site has suggested traders consider using CFDs as a tool for profiting from short term market movements, branding them a ‘vital tool’ in maximising market opportunities.

The highly leveraged instruments which are charged financing costs applied overnight are traded on significant margin to deliver higher returns, but are effectively immune from financing costs for short-term transactions.

A spokesperson for said this unique characteristic of CFDs made them the perfect instrument for traders looking to capitalise on short-term trends and break outs from the markets, through a low-cost, highly leveraged trading format.

“Contracts for difference have come to the forefront, taking increasing prominence in recent years as a result of trader demand for more flexibility. The power of CFDs should not be underestimated, and their ability to deliver substantial gains over a short trading timeframe at low initial cost to the trader makes them a vital tool in making the most of market movements and trends. As part of a diversified portfolio, CFDs can be an excellent multi-purpose tool, with significant profit potential.”

“At, we think CFDs are just great. But we always make sure that while traders understand the benefits and upsides of using CFDs, the risks of dealing in any leveraged trade are given the attention they deserve. CFDs can be a fantastic tool when they work in your favour, so long as you acknowledge and counteract the risks of gearing up your exposure to the financial markets. Applied properly, CFDs can deliver substantial returns.” provides a range of in-depth broker comparisons, alongside training materials for CFD traders of all experience stages.

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