Chat Arabs website launches

Added by on May 7, 2012

Chat Arabs announces the launch of its website to foster further understanding between Americans and Arabs around the world.

“We created to connect Arabs in North America and around the world together and with Americans and people interested in Arabs and the Arab culture to clear any barriers and misunderstanding that the media has created over the years,” said AL, an Arab American.

According to AL, Chat Arabs is Arabic chat that provides users with a way for Arabs and Americans to engage in an online cultural exchange and learn more about differences in cultures and lifestyles. News and information of interest to members is featured, along with a dictionary to facilitate understanding.

AL explained the innovative site encompasses much more than chatting – it offers a business directory where exotic gifts can be found and commerce conducted. AL said an extensive array of utilities is provided to personalize and navigate the site, and users can share on the site’s Facebook page. Users receive their own account for personal messages and code is provided for those who want to promote and share the site on their personal websites. Members of Chat Arabs also have access to hundreds of popular games.

“Chat Arabs provides a unique platform where Americans and Arabs can talk and learn more about foreign lifestyles, devoid of filters found in international media. The site is leading the cause for understanding between those of different cultures and providing a forum where people in other lands are no longer strangers,” added AL.

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