Citi Wide Merchant Funding announces Express Business Loan

Added by on March 5, 2012

Citi Wide Merchant Funding, a leading provider of small business financing, is proud to announce their Express Small Business Loan.

“This new business loan program offers small business owners quick access to working capital without the arduous underwriting process” says Kris Sands, Senior Vice President of Business Development.

“With tax season approaching we feel this is a great time to expand access to the Express Business Loan program and will be reaching out to small business accountants who can help their clients avoid government penalties,” added Sands.

Sands added, constrained by the availability of business financing offered by retail banks, small business owners have turned to Citi Wide Merchant Funding to fill their working capital needs. Citi Wide Merchant Funding works with small business owners who need working capital in a short time frame or have little collateral to secure a business loan.

According to the company a typical small business loan is funded in 7 business days; the new Express Business Loan offers same day approvals and next day funding. The program requires only one financial statement, the latest business banking statement.

“Restaurant owners gearing up for the summer season will also be beneficiaries of the new Express Business Loan program. Restaurant financing has traditionally been difficult to obtain from traditional lenders due to the high failure rate in the industry. Restaurateurs have used Citi Wide financing programs for renovations and to add outdoor seating to increase summer revenues,” commented Sands.

Find out more by contacting the company at +1 (631)608-2811 or visit their website at

About Citi Wide Merchant Funding

Amityville, New York (USA) based Citi Wide Merchant Funding, Inc is a provider of small business financing to small and mid-sized businesses across the United States. Their financing programs are individualized to the working capital needs of each client. Since 2007 Citi Wide says it has funded millions of dollars and provided a high level of personalized customer service to main street businesses underserved by traditional retail banks.