Consultation for supplements crucial

Added by on February 6, 2013

Sports Medicine Australia, the peak organisation for professionals in sports medicine and science, has urged caution for those considering taking unknown supplements.

Recently an AFL club may have allegedly provided players with potentially illegal performance-enhancing substances, which highlights the need for caution to be exercised when dealing with supplements.

Sports Medicine Australia spokesperson and sports physician Dr Peter Larkins said, with the prevalence of supplements at an all-time high, all those considering this path need to realise the dangers associated with dealing with products such as these before proceeding.

“Quite often they are unaware what the products may contain and are putting themselves at risk of ingesting banned substances such as anabolic substances and amphetamines.

“Sportspeople, whether at an elite or community level considering purchasing supplements of any kind should be aware that supplements should always be discussed in consultation with a suitable sports medicine practitioner or sports dietitian.

“This will ensure that what is purchased and used will not be detrimental to one’s health and not be a banned substance,” said Dr Peter Larkins.

For more on the dangers of performance enhancing drugs, Sports Medicine Australia has developed the CleanEdge website which provides information on all aspects of enhancing sporting performance. Visit