takes mystery out of credit score

Added by on March 6, 2012 released several articles that take the mystery of consumer credit scoring, helping consumers get more credit and lower interest rates as a result of having a better understanding of the factors that influence the credit score.

“So few people understand, but behind every person is a credit score sale that affects their eligibility to be extended credit. The credit score scale is a standard that is used by creditors to determine whether or not a person can be extended a loan or not. In layman’s terms, the credit score scale is a representation of the likelihood that you would be able to pay back the debt that has been extended to you. Companies see this as the chance that you would be able to help them earn more money from the risk investment that they have taken in you,” explained a spokesperson for

According to it is possible to improve a credit score in just 45 minutes and since a good credit score is so important in our economy, the time is a worthwhile investment.

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