Custom WordPress themes designer adds SEO services

Added by on February 24, 2013

Summer Tree Designs, a custom WordPress themes designer, is pleased to announce they now offer SEO services to help to better establish brand identity.

“Perhaps there is no greater flaw an online business can have than to be unoriginal. Unfortunately, it is all too easy to remain mundane and boring. Staying creative and original takes hard work, after all, which many business men and women are incapable of doing on a regular basis. For those who want a successful online business, however, originality begins with the design of the website itself. Before any content is added, one must make sure that the site is fully customized, has its own feel, and promotes a unique brand to which visitors will be attracted”, said a company spokesperson.

“When using WordPress, that means paying to have the necessary customized theme created for your business. Think of the dozens of free WordPress templates that are floating around on the internet that you’ve seen offered for downloading. Now try and think of just one successful, established website which uses a free template. Nothing, right?

“The reason for this is that real online businesses must establish brand identity early on in order to remain viable. This doesn’t mean simply editing a cascading style sheet or uploading a basic logo. No, customized design makes a website wholly unique, allowing for it to have a specific style and even an attitude which attracts the desired demographic,” explained the spokesperson.

Firms like Summer Tree Designs offer a professional design service with a quick turnaround. So not only will they work with businesses in order to find the right design elements that target the intended audience, but they’ll complete the work quickly to help businesses get off the ground and running in just a few days. The firm not only provides custom WordPress themes, but SEO services as well, so not only will they handle the design, but they can then make sure it gets seen by legitimate visitors.

“Branding is a powerful marketing tool, which most small businesses don’t appreciate. Fortune 500 companies have relied on its power for decades now, swaying customers with a simple ubiquitous logo or trademark.

With powerful online branding, you can position your company to be a leader in a certain niche or increase leads through brand awareness. While a custom theme is just a small part of the branding process, it is nonetheless required in order so that your company is never confused with the competition and your site has its own look and style which can easily be identified.”

For more information, please contact Mark Jefferson, owner of Summer Tree Designs, or visit their website: