Debut author publishes In From the Cold – A New Mystery Novel

Added by on October 12, 2011

Mystery fans have been readers of Raymond Chandler, Philip Marlowe, Dashiel Hammett, Sam Spade and Agatha Christie all the way up to the present John Locke’s successful Donovan Creed Series. Although this author is new to the scene, Matt Conway could very well be the next James Patterson or John Grisham with “In from the Cold“, the first in the five-part Harvey Stubbs Murder Mystery series published by Radiant Fracture Press.

Conway’s story focuses on the hero, Harvey Stubbs, a disgraced former undercover officer turned NYC Private Eye hired by a wealthy plastic surgeon named Dr. Nathaniel Mellinger to keep his son, Raymond out of gambling and drug troubles.

Dr. Mellinger asks to meet Harvey at the family retreat in Seboomook, Maine, and Harvey reluctantly agrees to travel with Raymond to meet his client’s family. Later that night,
Harvey discovers the apparent brutal murder of Dr. Mellinger and a bizarre, blood soaked carving of a monkey on the bedroom floor. Who did it and what is the purpose of the monkey? Who had something to gain by Dr. Mellinger being out of the picture?

“In from the Cold” takes place primarily in NYC and upstate Maine which is experiencing the worst snowstorm in twenty years seals the eastern United States in a frigid container of snow and ice.

“In from the Cold” is a continuous page turner, leading you down the path of whodunits? Just when you think it may be one person, a monkey wrench is thrown into the scenario and
you begin thinking it may be someone different. If you love a good murder mystery, this is the book for you. It will keep you guessing chapter after chapter.

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