Dentist in Las Vegas celebrates 14 years of family dentistry

Added by on December 16, 2011

Las Vegas Dentist Dr. Mohlman celebrates the 14th year of providing family dentistry, with services like general dentistry, implants, cosmetic, laser dentistry, and teeth whitening.

Dr Mohlman said, “I encourage patients to use their FSAs [flexible spending accounts] now, before they expire on December 31. Patients can use their FSA for teeth whitening for that perfect smile in all of their holiday photos”.

Dr. Mohlman says he started his practice in 1997 based on state of the art dentistry and excellence. His family practice, says Dr Mohlman, often provides dental services for families where he has treated children from their first appointment right through into their early teens. “It’s always nice to see families come in together and leave with great looking smiles”, said Dr. Mohlman.

The U.S. flexible spending account (FSA), also known as a medical expense FSA or health FSA, allows US employees to set aside a portion of their earnings to pay for qualified medical expenses. The finds that the employee uses are not subject to US payroll taxes, resulting in significant savings.

Dr. Mohlman’s practice servces the Las Vegas area including Desert Shores, Cheyenne, Sun City and Summerlin.

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