Denver point of sale – POSLeader launches redesigned website

Added by on April 7, 2012 – a Denver point of sale company, is pleased to announce the launch of its redesigned website.

“POSLeader is always looking for better ways to connect with our customers; our new site proves that goal. Now you’ll find detailed how-to’s, great video and screen shot demos, and a clear, concise pricing page. In addition, you can find our PDF catalog which is updated twice each year,” said Todd Brokenshire, President of

The company’s new website has gorgeous pictures of the restaurants in which they have installed their products; the website includes customer testimonials and a main area that explains the reasons why Dinerware and POSLeader have become so popular by providing extraordinary value, extreme reliability, and outstanding support.

“We’re proud of our customer service and support. And we are even more proud of you, our customers. We share this loyalty to you by charging a fair price, offering a current assessment of your equipment along with compatability issues, and lastly, 1 – 3 year warranties on all new equipment purchases. Many times we’ve been asked why we drive smaller or older vehicles. The answer is, we love our customers so much that we’d rather go without, so you won’t go anywhere else. It is a promise that we made six years ago, and one that we plan to keep in the future. Salud!”, added Brokenshire.

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