Dining Solutions Direct introduces fine food to the masses

Added by on November 17, 2011

Dining Solutions Direct, a national company who supplies and delivers frozen gourmet food, announces it will endeavour to introduce fine food to the masses via their specially trained ‘fish men’. Each fish man looks after their own local area and is always on hand to offer advice and introduce new menu items.

According to the company, for many years fine dining has been out of reach for the average household, with those looking for a perfect culinary experience having to travel many miles to find a suitable restaurant or travel into the city to find a 5 star hotel.

Dining Solutions Direct says the same high quality foods available in these hard to reach places can now be ordered on line via its website.

A Dining Solutions Direct spokesman said yesterday, “Our Christmas selection this year has been the best yet. The feedback we receive daily from our customers is very valuable and serves as our compass”.

The spokesman continued, “Never has it been easier to taste the delights of these beautifully crafted foods, many of which are sourced from the world over”.

Dining Solutions Direct has offices throughout the UK and the company says their friendly staff is always on hand to offer advice.

Contact information

Dining solutions direct on 01460 53961

Email: info@diningsolutionsdirect.com