Don’t overlook Google Places: Local search marketing services company

Added by on April 14, 2012

Don Dolenec, CEO Search Marketing Local

Don Dolenec, CEO Search Marketing Local

Search Marketing Local, a local search marketing services provider, says businesses should not overlook their Google Places listing because it offers a variety of benefits to local businesses.

“Many businesses today do business at a physical location plus have an online presence, yet the two – their local business and online business – are really separate entities that are managed separately. The distinction between how a business manages its physical presence and online presence become apparent when trying to find a local business. Try this – search for your own business using keywords that describe the benefits your business provides – chances are very high that you won’t be able to find your business easily online. If that’s the case, how can you expect others to find your business online? They are probably finding your competitors’ business instead,” said said Don Dolenec, CEO Search Marketing Local.

The company says local search engine optimization is ideal for businesses that conduct their business locally. Google and other search engines offer ways for companies to edit their own business listing, making it perfect for search engine optimization. The key benefit, according to Dolenec, is people searching for specific keywords on a local search will be more likely to find a local business that has an up-to-date and engagine online presence.

“Local search combined with a mobile marketing campaign offers great ROI, plus attracts high quality leads that offer a high conversion rate. Local search offers excellent opportunities to attract and maintain contact with high quality local leads,” added Dolenec.

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