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Added by on February 24, 2012

Detroit, MI, USA – EasyAddressLabels.com announces a new service that allows visitors to create address labels online for free.

“Searching through your word processing program to locate the right label template can be a bit difficult. Why even bother slogging through hundreds of different templates to find the one you need when you can do the exact same thing with a click of a button through EasyAddressLabels.com? The site is an incredible time saver and simplifies the process of printing labels for business or personal use,” explained Jack Andrews, the owner of the website.

Easy Address Labels is a free online service that allows visitors to design thieir own sets of Avery-compatible labels online in four easy steps. Andrews says all visitors have to do is sign up at the registration page and follow the instructions.

Andrews describes the process:

“First, enter the names and addresses of all your contacts.”

“The second step of the label creation process includes saving and creating different lists and groups for your contacts. Easy Address Labels gives you the option of saving your contacts in a list for future use, which will make future mailing and labeling projects much more time-efficient. You can organize your contacts into groups and print them off as necessary.”

“Third, choose your template. There are different templates to choose from depending on whether you want to print standard address labels or return address labels – click on the one that you want, and your contacts will automatically be populated.”

“The final step in the process is to print the labels you have created. Easy Address Labels will save the labels to your computer in PDF format so that you can access them whenever needed.”

According to EasyAddressLabels.com, both small and large businesses will benefit from using the service to create address labels, mailing labels, file folder labels, and save time. Employees will not have to search around on their system for a particular person if that person is listed in their Easy Address Labels contact list. Andrews added, all employees need to do is select the person’s name and add it to their label template – this cuts out the entire process of having to go through their computer’s word processing program and scrolling through dozens of different types of labels until they find the right template they happen to be looking for.

Andrews commented, “The only things the customer needs to supply are the labels themselves. Easy Address Labels takes care of the rest!”

For more information, please contact:

Website: http://EasyAddressLabels.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/EasyAddressLabels
Twitter: http://twitter.com/ezaddresslabels
Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/easyaddresslabels/

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