Has the economy gotten better or worse since Obama took office

Added by on January 26, 2012

Survey websites gathers information from citizens on the Internet

The website: WhatIsEconomy.org, is one survey website that is gathering information about the most important question: “Has the Economy gotten better or worse since Obama took Office?” With several people debating on the economical development since Obama took office, the survey gains much importance. There were several news articles which showed that the economical development has slowed down since Obama came to power. However, there are many who felt that there was a significant improvement in the economy and in many fronts. The visitors of the website can share their opinion on the website and can also win some free stuff too.

The website has a few links on it like media upload, tools, sign up and My Images. Below it, one can find the title of the survey and space for visitors to provide their opinion. Details of free offer for voting in the survey are also provided on the website. One can also find a few videos on the website regarding the survey. At the bottom of the website, one can find several links to other useful pages of the website. Visitors can provide their opinions and details after entering the survey on the website. Over all, the website is attractive and easy to navigate.

“We are glad to launch the survey website with this hot topic. The response to the survey so far has been quite impressive. The survey aims at collecting opinions and information from public regarding economic development in this present Obama period. The inputs from the visitors so far have been quite encouraging with a few feeling that war against terrorism has been one cause of economical slow down. There are also several individuals who felt that the economical development now is quite impressive compared to Bush’s time”, explained Ms. Stella Albert, the chief Coordinator of the survey. “One can also avail a $500 Visa Card free by voting in the survey”, she added.

This is a survey site and visitors can participate in the survey providing their opinions. The site also provides information about several other interesting aspects of development in the country. Considering the upcoming Presidential elections, the survey is of great importance today.

For more information and to participate in the survey, log on to the website: http://WhatIsEconomy.org