Electronic-Cigarettes-Canada.ca warns Canadians about dangers of buying foreign cartridges

Added by on April 2, 2012

Canada – Electronic cigarettes offer smokers a convenient, affordable and environmentally friendly means of eliminating tobacco from their lifestyle. Components of e-cigarettes are sold worldwide, but Ryan Anderson, owner of Electronic Cigarette Canada, warns residents that nicotine cartridges can only be purchased in Canada.

“Canadian law does not permit importing nicotine cartridges,” said Anderson. “Legally, Canadians must buy their e-cigarettes and supplies within Canada, from a Canadian distributor. Failing to do so will result in your e-cigs being seized by Canadian Customs and you won’t get your money back.”

Anderson speaks from personal experience, research into the legalities governing electronic cigarettes in Canada, and an encounter with Customs that left him almost $130 poorer with nothing to show for it. After purchasing an e-cigarette kit in the U.S. and receiving nothing for several weeks, a trace was placed on his package. It was then that he discovered his order had been seized by Customs and importing nicotine cartridges from outside Canada was illegal.

Electronic cigarettes utilize a cartridge to deliver a small puff of water vapor and nicotine to the smoker. The devices contain no tobacco and require no matches or lighters. No tobacco is burned, eliminating the need for ashtrays or the disposal of ash and cigarette butts. There’s no second hand smoke to annoy others or adhere to clothing, furnishings and vehicle upholstery.

E-cigs won’t discolor teeth or cause “smoker’s breath” and electronic cigarettes are designed to provide users with the look and feel of a traditional cigarette. Smoking is a social activity that can now be enjoyed in virtually any venue, even where smoking has been prohibited. From the workplace and luxury cruises to posh clubs, e-cigarettes are being utilized by millions worldwide who want to reduce their nicotine intake or aren’t yet ready to quit.

“The only e-cigarettes I could find were the old outdated technology where you had to manually add the nicotine juice,” said Anderson. “They’re messy and if you’re not extremely careful, you’re actually at risk of nicotine poisoning.”

The answer for Anderson was ePuffer, a Canadian-based firm that provides the newest and most innovative e-cigarette technology available. The company offers everything needed to utilize the smokeless alternative to conventional cigarettes, and it’s legal throughout Canada. Starter kits, refills and replacement parts are available, allowing consumers to take advantage of a smoking solution that can help reduce or even eliminate nicotine from their lifestyle.

Millions of Canadians are enjoying the benefits of electronic cigarettes and Anderson is working to inform smokers about the legalities of ordering nicotine cartridges outside the country. Many companies around the globe claim their products can be shipped to Canada, even though they’re fully aware of Canadian import laws, and unwary buyers are never told their order will be confiscated. The only way for smokers to guarantee a continued supply of nicotine cartridges is by purchasing their products from a Canadian based company such as ePuffer.

For more information, visit the website at http://www.electronic-cigarettes-canada.ca.