Energy Advisory Group announces Natural Gas energy cost management service

Added by on April 25, 2012

Energy Advisory Group or EAG, an energy consultant that helps consumers pro-actively manage their Natural Gas energy costs utilizing their full compliment of products and services and relationships with multiple top tier providers, says short and long term energy price concerns continue to grow.

The US FERC’s (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission) 2012 State of the Markets Report was recently released and it revealed some startling statistics.

1) Wholesale electricity prices increased almost 21 % in 2011 compared to 10 year low levels reached in 2012 due to the recession.
2) Despite this increase in 2012 prices still remained roughly 42 % lower than 2008 when the energy markets went through the roof due to the Speculative Spike when oil and NG hit record levels.
3) While natural gas rates remained moderate as supply levels reached record highs, record high demand levels coupled with regional changes in production and infrastructural changes along key pipeline routes across the country impacted Natural Gas prices. We saw increases of 9%-27% across the US.

“What does this mean to you as a business owner or someone trying to control costs in this continuing difficult economy? Energy prices are on the rise again…period,” said a spokesperson.

According to the company gasoline prices are already at almost record levels reached back in 2008 when Crude Oil hit an all-time high. Recent increased tension in the Middle East draws additional concerns as to how much higher oil and gasoline prices will continue to rise.

“A direct result has contributed to a dramatic increase in costs for goods and services across the board. Food prices continue to increase at a rapid rate (fruit and vegetable prices have nearly doubled in the past 18 months) and additional industries that rely on petroleum products such as transportation and plastics are being forced to increase costs at the wholesale level that directly impact businesses and residential customers alike,” added the spokesperson.

The Energy Advisory Group or EAG says its commercial clients under contract through 3rd Qtr 2012 through 2nd/3rd Qtr 2013 are extending energy contracts due to low rates available and increased projected volatility between now and the end of their existing contracts. In most cases we are lowering their rate significantly in markets where the utility rate is on the rise.

The company says utility rates are based on current market conditions and recent posted rates have increased in virtually every de-regulated state in the US. The company says businesses not protected are risking exposure to much higher energy prices in the months and years to come.

According to the company rates typically increase in the summer and if a weather event similar to Hurricane Katrina enters The Gulf of Mexico late this summer energy prices could actually double in a very short period of time.


Energy Advisory Group has negotiated with top energy providers to secure significantly lower electricity & natural gas rates for many business, which has saved hundreds of companies thousands on their monthly energy bill – They have a system that monitors the energy marketplace to find the best rates and terms for their clients with an intelligent online platform automatically tracks market conditions and trends to find the lowest rates.

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