Exclusive Marketing website launches, offers free webinar, newsletter

Added by on November 13, 2011

Exclusive Marketing recently launched its new web site, providing information and resources for anyone that wants to learn internet marketing.

According to the site’s founder, Jaska M, internet marketing is always changing with new technologies, trends, and best practices, so those who take the time to learn internet marketing to build up and enhance their skills are in the best position to succeed.

Jaska M said, “While setting up and running an online business today does not take any technical skills, it can require a lot of trial and error. Yet many are making money online because they continue to take time to learn internet marketing from professionals in the field that continue to be successful in their internet marketing efforts”.

Jaska M said the website is currently offering a free, 80 minute webinar that offers PPC marketing secrets. The webinar is valued at US$495 and is free to anyone that provides their email address. In addition to the webinar, visitors also gain access to a newsletter that offers unique information and resources about internet markting.

More details and information are available at the company’s web site at Exclusive-Marketing.com.