EZ Lockout & Roadside Service offers stranded customers affordable assistance

Added by on November 16, 2011

EZ Lockout & Roadside Service is a new roadside assistance company located in San Antonio, Texas. Offering affordable roadside assistance without hidden prices has become a priority in serving San Antonio, Texas for EZ Lockout & Roadside Service.

Paul Brown, the owner of EZ Lockout & Roadside Service said, “Other lockout service companies located in San Antonio, Texas have flooded internet search engines with deceptive advertising. ‘$14 Auto Lockout’ ads have become more frequent in which customers call for auto lockout service. After calling, the customer is usually hit with hidden fees that can easily total over $100. These companies prey on desperate people who need to have their car unlocked. EZ Lockout & Roadside Service has taken aim at ‘scammers’ by introducing upfront no hidden fee pricing.”

Brown continues, “Customers who are locked out of their car call these ads needing honest service. After calling the ads claiming $14 auto lockout, a person usually arrives then raising the price way beyond $50. I charge one flat fee to open any car in San Antonio which is $35. It is a shame how these scammers prey on honest people looking for help to get back into their car.”

EZ Lockout & Roadside Service is a ‘roadside assistance provider’ offering expert roadside assistance in San Antonio, Texas. EZ Lockout & Roadside Service provides a range of roadside services to include auto lockout assistance, tire changes, and jump starts.

For further information, contact Paul Brown at (210) 549-8820 or visit the company’s web site at EZLockout.com.

Contact information:

EZ Lockout & Roadside Service

8801 Cinnamon Creek Dr., Ste. 1603, San Antonio, Texas, 78240
Phone– (210) 549-8820
Fax – (210) 693-1391