Facebook Profile Pic improves Facebook profile pictures

Added by on December 8, 2011

Bridgeport, Connecticut, USA – The staff at the Facebook Profile Pic website today announced their new service that helps people improve their pictures for Facebook profiles. A spokesperson for the site explained the new service eliminates the need for people to hire a professional photographer or graphic designer to improve the pics they want to display to their friends and business partners or sales leads.

The Facebook Profile Pic service creates a nice looking, high quality Facebook profile picture that can draw people’s attention and possibly generate a buzz about the Facebook page. Facebook Profile Pic provides three different services which can be chosen depending on the need of the customer. The three services include:

  • Fix and crop profile pictures
  • Create cartoon profile pictures
  • Makeover profile pictures

The staff on the Facebook Profile Pic website say they are excited about the release of the new service and are eager to engage with customers who have questions or just want to browse the website to get ideas on how to improve their Facebook profile pictures.

A spokesperson for the company said, “Facebook is the place to be seen online and since almost everyone is on Facebook it is important that people be able to create the best first impression possible.

“Whether they want to create a cartoon look that matches their business or personality or if they want a professional profile pic to attract more customers, the new service is an excellent opportunity for them to create the look they want to achieve. Statistics show that people quickly judge a person’s or business’ Facebook page by the picture that they see since it is the first thing that they look at when they land on the Facebook fan page.”


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