Fi-Med announces 3rd Fi-Med RAC Summit

Added by on March 3, 2012

Fi-Med is pleased to announce its 3rd Fi-Med RAC Summit, on April 16-17 2012 at the Pfister Hotel in Milwaukee, WI, USA.

The Fi-Med RAC Summit, affectionately known as “The Duck Doc! Summit”, brings together up to 100 healthcare executives and practitioners, legal experts, regulators, compliance officers, healthcare consultants, and practice management specialists, to address RAC-centric issues and their impact on reimbursement.

Speakers include high-profile experts in the healthcare arena that bring to the summit the latest news and solutions for healthcare executives and practitioners.

Topics of the summit include:

* Are you a Target? – While it has never been harder to keep your reimbursements, due to all the audits, it has also never been easier to know what the auditors will target. This topic focuses on how to identify not if you are a target, but what makes you a target.

* An Insider’s Perspective – Know what the auditors are thinking, how they operate and what their perspective is on all things RAC.

* Reduce Risk and Increase Revenue – Anyone connected with healthcare finance today is doubtless having recurring nightmares about the risks that are sitting in their piles of claims, even from 3 years before now.

More information about speakers is available at the Fi-Med RAC Summit YouTube channel.