Fly Fishing holidays in Colorado, USA

Added by on December 9, 2011

Ken’s Anglers announces several new full and half day locations for visitors to Colorado, USA.

Ken Robak of Ken’s Anglers said, “Fly fishing in Colorado is better when you know the best spots, have the right equipment, and have the knowledge to put it all together to create a great day out. Our guides are very knowledgeable about the Colorado region and can help novices and experts alike improve their fly fishing”.

The company says it has added several new locations for its full and half day programs. The new locations have were selected by Ken’s Angles staff and are proven to be great spots. Ken’s Anglers says they manage fishing locations, avoiding over fishing and limiting disturbances to the area to provide a consistent fly fishing experience for visitors, many of which are repeat clients.

Robak continues, “Ken’s Anglers has developed a loyal following of customers and vacationers who hire us every year for their fly fishing trip in Colorado. Most of the new customers who set-up fly fishing trips say they found Ken’s Anglers through a recommendation from a friend who had a good experience with us”.


Ken’s Anglers is located in Littleton, Colorado, USA – in the heart of the Rocky Mountains.


Ken’s Anglers
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