Gevey Ultra S safely unlocks all iPhone 4 models

Added by on March 6, 2012

Gevey Ultra S announces the world’s first and only solution that fully unlocks the iPhone 4 on the latest firmware iOS 5.0.1 and earlier.

“Unlocking and jailbreaking became exempt from the US DCMA law during July 2010, making jailbreaking and unlocking your phone considered to be fair use – so you can’t get in trouble for it. The Gevey Ultra S is a completely safe, tested, and reversible solution to unlock iPhone 4 – it is very easy to use since there’s no software to install – you just follow a few simple directions to get your iPhone 4S unlocked in a couple of minutes,” said a company spokesperson.

According to the company, the Gevey Ultra S is a SIM card that you insert in your iPhone 4S and it does the rest. The company says there is no way your iPhone 4 can get ‘bricked’ and that it works with any model iPhone 4, all versions of iOS, and all Baseband versions.

The company says the benefits of unlocking your iPhone 4 include no loss of features or functionality, no loss of your phone’s warranty, plus your iPhone 4 is free to use any GSM SIM card from any carrier worldwide.

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