Gift Cards Wild buys unwanted gift cards, offers discounted gift cards for sale

Added by on December 14, 2011

Gift Cards Wild, a service that allows people to buy products for up to 40 percent off the store value through gift cards, announces the opening of its new website.

A spokesperson for the company said, “Who doesn’t love to save their hard-earned cash, especially during the holiday season? With Christmas fast approaching, Gift Cards Wild offers a convenient way to shop for family, friends and colleagues at a discounted rate”.

The spokesperson explained, “Gift Cards Wild is a new online resource that allows people to buy products for up to 40 percent off the store value. Users can also sell unwanted items. The site’s main goal is to save people money by offering products at a significantly lower rate than retail prices. Gift Cards Wild may be found at

You can buy and sell your unwanted gift cards, store credits and/or gift certificates for a great deals and do it safely”.

The site says it will buy unwanted gift cards for up to 92 percent of the face value and registered users can transpose gift cards into cash that is spendable at other stores.

“On this site, they could convert the cards into cash and use this cash as they want rather than going shopping at stores they don’t like,” the site’s spokesperson said.

Some popular Canadian merchants featured on the site include Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Sears, Winners, LCBO, Pet Smart and Tim Horton’s.

The site also allows users to compile a wish list using categories like automotive, baby and maternity, alcohol sales, department stores, books, children’s toys and more.

Gift Cards Wild says it has a page on Facebook where new followers could enter a contest for a chance to win free gift cards; winners are announced every week.

Gift Cards Wild can be found on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. For more information, visit