Gilbert Arizona life coach Erika Jackson, CEO of Turnaround Coaching, sponsors Individuation Training call

Added by on December 3, 2011

Turnaround Coaching announces it will host a live training called Individuation Training from 5:00pm ET to 6:30pm ET on Saturday, December 17, 2011. This live training call is for people that have lived with abuse or trauma and need help putting your life back together, figuring out what to do next, or creating a strategy for the future.

  • Erika Jackson partners with women in a collaborative relationship to help them set and achieve life goals. Erika also trains and certify life coaches.
  • Erika Jackson’s Coaching Practice is based in Arizona, but she works with women globally. Most contact is by telephone or the Internet.
  • Erika feels she is destined to coach, train, and influence. Erika states, “I am called to speak life to women and help them learn to live their best’.

“Most abused or traumatized women are struggling to make sense of their lives, especially if they recently left abusive relationships,” said Erika Jackson, CEO and lead coach of Turnaround Coaching Inc. “In just an hour and a half, participants will be able to take concrete steps to map out a clearly defined plan of action.”

Founded in 2003, Turnaround Coaching helps women to feel confident and empowered to live a productive life by providing life giving resources, life transforming presentations, life building coaching, and life empowering support to women who have been oppressed by abuse.

In Individuation Training, participants learn:

  • How to recognize non-supportive elements in their lives
  • Top 5 activities that will help you find your passion
  • Three keys to empowerment
  • How to create a plan of action

Visit to the Turnaround Coaching website at to register for the $49 event.

For more information, visit to and direct questions about the event to 1 (269) 350-4165 or email: