Gold 401k a stable and flexible investment

Added by on February 24, 2013

Keith Minchew, owner of Your Solo 401k Company, says investors seeking gains higher than the rate of inflation are looking beyond traditional investments and moving to Gold 410k instead.

“Investors who actively watch the indices know all too well that the notion of an efficient market on Wall Street is a bad joke. In fact, due to high frequency trading, corruption, and the lack of confidence in the markets which have developed in recent years, Wall Street has become something akin to a large casino more than a mature marketplace. Because of this, many investors who’d like to see their money grow at least a couple of percentage points beyond the rate of inflation are looking elsewhere. For these people, there is no better solution than Precious Metals investing like a Gold 401k,” commented Minchew.

Minchew explained the United States economy remains in a precarious spot, where debt continues to grow at an alarming rate and the Federal Reserve now purchases 90% of the new bonds issued by the government, more experts are warning of a potential inflationary collapse. In this situation, commodities such as gold will be one of the main assets that will increase in value. So investors who have at the very least a partial amount of their holdings in gold will be able to withstand such economic woes if they come to pass.

According to Minchew, one of the main objections to a Gold IRA is that these accounts often require a separate custodian to hold the assets for the individual. For many potential investors, this defeats the purpose of owning gold to begin with. Fortunately, companies such as offer packages where investors can invest through a 401k account while still maintaining complete control and physical possession of the gold assets. So if an unprecedented economic event occurs, the investor won’t have to depend on a custodian or administrator in order to get their assets out of holding. Also, with this approach, the likelihood of government confiscation is greatly diminished.

“ provides gold and other precious metals at competitive prices. Beyond that, however, they empower each investor by giving them the tools necessary to have better control over their own money and assets. No longer do you have to feel insecure knowing that your assets are under the protection of the very same banks which almost single handedly destroyed the United States economy. Instead, you can rest assured knowing that you alone have control of your gold,” added Minchew.

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