Hawaii Search Engine Optimization fuses Google Places, News

Added by on March 18, 2012

Donald D. Dolenec, CEO of Hawaii SEO

Hawaii Search Engine Optimization, a leading search engine optimization firm, says fusing Hawaii Google Places and Hawaii Google News increases companies exposure and reach.

“Hawaii Google News is a popular destination for world and local news. Imagine news coverage about your business on Hawaii Google News, combined with making your business easy to find with an effective Hawaii Google Places listing. A local Hawaii business is likely to see significant benefits from just one approach, yet combining them substantially increases the number of interested visitors to your business,” said Donald D. Dolenec, CEO of Hawaii SEO.

Google Places integrates into regular Goole search results, plus offers a page dedicated you making it easier to contact and visit local businesses. Google News is a popular destination where millions of people get their news from every day. Dolenec says combining both services draws attention to local businesses and makes it easier for visitors to find local businesses through Google’s powerful mapping service, Google Maps, and its other services – which are also customized for smartphones and tablets too.

“Being seen on major websites like Hawaii Google News is great publicity for any local business, making your business available on Hawaii Google Places makes local businesses easier to find, while visitors are already thinking about your business, providing an opportunity that’s too powerful to miss out on,” added Dolenec.

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