Herbally Pure announces launch of improved Herbally Pure High Potency Liquid Multi Vitamins

Added by on December 16, 2011

Herbally Pure High Potency Liquid Multi Vitamins

Liquid vitamins manufacturer Herbally Pure CEO Michael Khoury, announced today the release of its new, improved and re-formulated flagship product, Herbally Pure High Potency Liquid Multi Vitamins.

Herbally Pure is an FDA compliant, high potency liquid multi vitamin loaded with minerals and antioxidants, said Khoury. Khoury explained the improvements to Herbally Pure liquid vitamins include an updated look to the bottle plus the product is now electrolyte enhanced, is 100% vegan and contains no high-fructose corn syrup.

Made in the U.S.A., Herbally Pure, says Khoury, has been reinvented to accommodate educated consumers looking for a healthier alternative to all those unhealthy nutritional supplements loaded with sugar, fructose, artificial preservatives, binders and fillers.

When asked for more information about Herbally Pure and their other products, CEO Michael Khoury said, “We first started with only the 32oz. bottle and we have not only improved the formula, but we now offer a 16oz. bottle of our liquid vitamin supplement. Due to customer requests, we now have 3 more products in our line.”

“First is our Herbally Pure Electrolyte Enhanced, 100% Vegan Vitamin Water with no high-fructose corn syrup. Each 8oz bottle contains ALL the vitamin supplements the FDA recommends daily plus additional minerals and antioxidants.”, said Khoury. Herbally Pure challenges consumers, according to Khoury, to compare the ingredient list of their vitamin water against any vitamin water or multivitamin water on the planet.

“Second, we now have our Super Energy Shot. This is another 100% vegan product with no fructose or caffeine. These great tasting Energy Shots contain all the FDA required daily nutrition plus loads of additional minerals and antioxidants,” added Khoury.

Khoury continued, “Our third new product is the very first Vitamin Water Kit and Vitamin Water Concentrate on the planet. These Vitamin Water kits contain one bottle of electrolyte-enhanced Herbally Pure 16oz. vegan liquid vitamin supplements with no fructose and one reusable 20oz. sport water bottle. To make your own high potency vitamin water simply add one ounce of Herbally Pure Concentrate to the water bottle, fill with water and drink.

“Herbally Pure believes in a proper life style along with proper nutrition and exercise. That’s why we make the most healthy liquid multi vitamins, energy shots and vitamin water on the market. Our philosophy is to feed your body the nutrition it needs to run strong all day long and not crank it up with harsh stimulants.”

According to Herbally Pure, Whoopi Goldberg was so impressed with Herbally Pure High Potency Liquid Vitamins that she started using it and promoting it herself. Her producer from “The View” TV talk show called CEO, Michael Khoury and asked if he would mind if she promoted the liquid vitamin supplement to others in their “Hot Products” segment. Khoury happily agreed saying that’s when Herbally Pure made its first public appearance with Whoopi Goldberg on “The View”.

Khoury said, “You can see the video, the complete line of Herbally Pure products and the list of ingredients per product on our website at HerballyPure.com“.

According toHerbally Pure, they closely follow all Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) with an ( A ) rating and all their products are both GMP and FDA compliant.

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