Herman Professional Audio and Video Equipment offers Belden 8770

Added by on April 14, 2012

Herman ProAV, or Herman Professional Audio and Video Equipment, is pleased to announce it now offers the Belden 8770 – the Belden Audio, Control and Instrumentation Cable.

“Belden is known for its superior quality for audio, video, and instrumentation cables. The Belden 8770 offers audio, video, and control in a single cable featuring the Beldfoil shield that offers 100% coverage for superior audio and video performance over a range of lengths,” said a spokesperson.

According to the company Herman is one of the US leading distributors of cable, connectivity and infrastructure audio visual products to the commercial AV and broadcast industries. In business for over 45 years, Herman ProAV leverages its industry experience to provide the industry with high-quality cabling solutuons.

The Belden 8770 is shielded to offer protection from signals within the cable as well as contamination from signals the cable could be subject to, wherever it is installed. The Beldfoil shield allows the Belden 8770 to be installed in a variety of conditions, yet still be able to offer superior signal quality over a variety of lengths.

“Herman ProAV is proud to offer Belden products to our clients – Belden’s superior design and shielding technologies make their cabling solutions industry leaders. Coupled with our expertise at Herman ProAV, you’ll get the very best available products and services,” added the spokesperson.

Find out more by visiting http://hermanproav.com