How To BBQ website publishes range of new articles, blog posts

Added by on March 11, 2012

How To BBQ announced the publication of a range of new articles and blog posts about barbecuing, the US national pastime.

“Being a BBQ enthusiast I decided to dedicate a blog to this national pastime. Every barbecuer has his own secrets for what he considers great BBQ and some folks are content to just get invited over to eat the stuff. I hope to build a community where I can share my own experiences, recipes a tips, and get a little insight from others on their approach to great tasting BBQ!”, said Michael Mayo, the website’s publisher.

How To BBQ provides information about various types of meat, BBQ sauce, equipment that includes smokers and grills, plus offers reviews of the latest products and barbecue accessories.

How To BBQ also offers recipes, like a popular recipe for it Texas BBQ sauce.

Barbecue is a dish known around the world in one form or another, but nowhere is it more cherished as it is in the Mid-western and southern parts of the United States. How To BBQ offers BBQ enthusiasts and specialists a community to share their BBQ interests and experiences,” added Mayo.

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