Improve Muay Thai Thailand

Added by on March 6, 2012

The Muay Thai Thailand camp is pleased to announce a number of new packages at its resort that specializes in Muya Thai-based training and weight-loss programs.

Muay Thai is a type of combat sport where opponents stand and use techniques like punching, kicking, clinching and neck wrestling, and various types of defences. Muay Thai, or Muay as it is sometimes called, originated over 1,000 years ago, yet the assension of King Chulalongkorn (Rama V) to the throne in 1868 started a golden age for Muay, as a result of the King’s personal interest in the sport. King Rama VII led the creation of a formal set of codified rules and has since become the standard for mixed martial arts (MMA) and competitive standup fighters.

Muay Thai Thailand camp packages include weight loss, detox, for weight loss and cleansing the body, as well as Muay Thai for those that want to learn or improve their Muya Thai skills.

“With the daily Muay Thai group training sessions, the VIP Personal Training sessions and the ideal diet – it’s no wonder our students are improving so fast,” said a company spokesperson.

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