Indonesian false eyelashes wholesale workers excellent working conditions

Added by on March 1, 2012

Indonesian workers making false eyelashes wholesale are happier than workers in other countries. With purchasers worldwide aware of poor working conditions in many countries, Indonesian workers say they are treated well, paid fairly for their work, and have excellent working conditions, resulting in high quality false eyelashes for purchasers around the world.

A spokesperson for, a manufacturer of false eyelashes wholesale said, “If you are looking for a way to get your false eyelashes wholesale you have come to the right place. False eyelashes are definitely a big fashion trend and show no signs of fading any time soon.”

The company spokesperson explained there are basically two types of false eyelashes, those that are called strip eyelashes and individual ones. The strip varieties, said the spokesperson, are for the most part the more popular of the two, which is probably because they are much easier they are to apply; the individual ones require being glued to every individual eyelash you want lengthened with the benefit that the individual false eyelashes last much longer than those of the strip kind.

“Regardless of the kind of false eyelashes worn, they are equally popular among every age of woman, from teens all the way up to senior citizens. And what is really neat about false eyelashes is that they come in a variety of sizes and styles to suit any occasion. If you are first starting out as a beginner in wearing false eyelashes it is wise to start with the shorter length ones as they can sometimes take some time to get used to,” explained the company spokesperson.

According to the company, what really appeals to many wholesale purchasers of false eyelashes is Indonesia’s proven track record of high quality false eyelashes and excellent customer service.

“Our employees that make false eyelashes, wholesale or for the retail markets are the mainstay of our business and high quality. Our employees have been with us for many years – a testament to the excellent relationship they have with,” explained the company’s president.

So if you are looking for high you need to look into buying from Indonesia.

Indonesia, says the company offers quality well made false eyelashes wholesale, excellent quality, a vast selection of eyelashes and exceptional employee job site conditions, plus great wholesale prices.

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