Internet marketing technical advancements, it’s a young man’s game

Added by on March 20, 2012

Centennial, CO – He programs Internet Games and it bores him. Daniel Callif, President of the new company bearing his name, is being called the Whiz Kid.

The Whiz Kid title stems from his young age of only 21 and an ability to create spectacular results for companies looking to climb the search engine ranks. Callif loves attending the most prestigious seminars that concentrate on state-of-the-art techniques in the fields of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Internet Marketing — when he’s not teaching his Australian Sheppard puppy new tricks.

Callif’s second-generation expertise comes from his Father (an international programming consultant), Mother (masters in education) and Uncle (a multiple technology business guru). Daniel has also learned from several of the top leaders in the Internet marketing industry.

While only 21, Daniel has devoted his attention to everything Internet since he was 11 years old and learning everything possible from these two computer experts, their associates and industry leaders.

Using both his young mind and background research, Callif says he developed a powerful process that helps his clients to increase visibility, ranking and click-thru rates of press releases online, particularly in search engine results… taking his circle of much older mentors by surprise.

Callif created computer driven methods for content distribution via one or more online media distribution channels by analyzing the structure of the document and determining optimal modifications to the structure of the document.

Then he goes on — analyzing keywords and their positions in the document or web page and compares the keyword frequency and keyword positions — against everything he researches in the world of recent Internet Search Engine activity and in various media channels.

Using a collection of his tools, in a unique way that his family and their associates says is surprising; they say this wunderkind is getting results that cause his oldsters to shake their heads at — in amazement.

Callif the younger, takes into consideration competitive documents that previously achieved high search engine rankings, factors like seasons of the year and document structure as well as website page structure — blends it his own way and cooks up something very special for his growing roster of clients.

Callif says he’s even tracking the performance of his work in terms of search engine ranking, document opens or views, and related conversion events — earning his title — Whiz Kid… and he does all this while attending college.

Because he optimizes his time, Callif says he uses his new interface that automatically tracks and reports on the performance of his work in all categories of his work with optimized news, press releases, gains in all of the search engines… so he can demonstrate those gains to his clients.

Proving once again… it’s a young visionaries world when it comes to breaking new ground and making the world bend in the direction of youth and young powerful ideas.

Contact: Daniel Callif
Phone: (303) 919-4392