Leading College and Scholarships website updated

Added by on April 30, 2012

Lafayette, LA, USA – The American Educational Guidance Center has updated its most popular website, College Scholarships, Colleges, and Online Degrees to offer students of all ages a comprehensive list off their in-state, post-secondary educational options. The wholly redesigned site now offers state pages listing four-year colleges and universities, with contact information for the admissions and financial aid offices and links to the main pages and online applications of each institution. In addition, there are links to all of the community colleges and nearly all of the career schools.

Students can also found a wealth of other information a few mouse clicks away, including lists of and links to historically black colleges and universities, women’s colleges, Catholic colleges, Christian colleges, and colleges with comprehensive support services for students with learning disabilities.

Additional pages on the website offer free scholarship searches, definitions of financial aid terms, advice on selecting a college, an online GPA calculator, and help for students seeking athletic scholarships .

“In the near future we will be adding dozens of features and articles we think will be helpful to students of all ages”, said American Educational Guidance Center co-founder Mary Rosenfield. “We’ll start with the topics our visitors ask about most; how to reduce costs, how to improve their academic skills, and how to best manage time. We love to hear from students, counselors and other site visitors. Feedback and suggestions are always welcome”.

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