Leopard Gecko Care Guide website launches

Added by on April 5, 2012

The author of the Leopard Gecko Care Guide is pleased to announce the launch of a new website that provides information about Leopard Geckos’ care and feeding.

“I created the Leopard Gecko Care Guide website based on my own experience of owning and caring for Leopard Geckos, plus I rarely found helpful information online. The new website brings together all information a new owner of Leopard Geckos needs to know about their Leopard Gecko,” said the author of the website.

According to the website, more than 85% of Leopard Geckos die within two years of living in captivity. Leopard Geckos are terrestrial and nocturnal lizards, originally found in the southern parts of Central Asia, the Pakistan and in the North Western parts of India. They have become a much sought after group of pets, typically falling under the category of ‘Exotic pets’. The Leopard Gecko Care Guide describes the gecko’s ideal habitat, preferred foods, water requirements and many other details about caring for Leopard Geckos.

“Among the most important tips is to avoid fine sand in your Leopard Gecko’s habitat. Fine sand looks nice but it can be lethal to Leopard Geckos under six inches long because they can ingest the sand since they’re not always accurate when they strike their food. Over time, the sand builds up in their system and blocks critical parts of your Leopard Gecko’s digestive system, so don’t use fine sand,” added the website’s author.

Find out more by visiting http://LeopardGeckoCareGuide.com