Luxury Destinations announces Private Residence Club

Added by on April 1, 2012

Luxury Destinations is pleased to announce its Private Residence Club – a peaceful haven where guests can enjoy quality time away from the stress of everyday life.

“Our top quality luxury villas provide you fantastic accommodation, sumptuous service and great cuisine. You can depend on unparalleled service, unique attention to detail, and the utmost in comfort and luxury during your stay,” said a spokesperson.

Membership in the Private Residence Club is, according to the company, like a home away form home that is a club more exclusive than hotels or resort clubs, yet larger than the more common private home fractionals. Selection includes a choice of luxury villas and a method of owning a luxury second home in locations like Tuscany or Marrakech without the hassle of managing an overseas property in a foreign language.

“Membership is held through the ownership of shares in a non-profit homeowners association, which has possession of 99 year leases on each of the properties. Members can resell, gift, and inherit their memberships. The initial offering is limited to 55, and the second phase increases total membership to 104,” added the spokesperson.

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