Magic Sing releases new Gang-style karaoke machine

Added by on January 10, 2013

Magic Sing is pleased to announce the release of its newest karaoke machine featuring the popular song, Gangnam Style.

Where to buy Magic Sing featuring gang style is a question consumers no longer have to ask. Our 2013 portable model features the reliable CD+G format, four chip slots and our best wireless microphone. We also offer Karaoke songs online,” said a company spokesperson.

Early karaoke machines used regular CDs and music combined with a technology that removed the original singer’s voice to allow karaoke users to sing along with the music’s melody and tempo. The Gang-style karaoke machine, and other modern karaoke machines, use a specially formatted CD called CD+G that contains music without vocals plus special codes that display lyrics at the bottom of the display.

“Karaoke is interactive music and we believe everyone should have fun singing along, or simply listening to others sing, for a variety of genres. Gangnam Style is a worldwide sensation, exceeding Psy’s, the original performer, expectations. People really enjoy singing to Gangnam Style and imitate Psy’s unique dance. Our karaoke machines offer a variety of genres that appeal to everyone.

“Genres we offer online and in the popular CD+G format include rock, pop, jazz, blues, classical, dance, hip hop, club as well as other well-known genres.

“Our new Gang-style karaoke machine includes the main station, two mics, HDMI cable, AV cable, remote control, power adaptor, USB cable, batteries, and a handbook,” said the company spokesperson.

Find out more about the new karaoke machine by visiting where visitors can buy the Magic Sing, buy karaoke songs, and more.