Marina Del Rey Life Coach Ungenita Prevost engages in unethical behaviors

Added by on December 4, 2011

Life coach Ungenita Prevost of Billion Dollar Beauty is alleged to have stolen money, and caused emotional harm to a former client as a result of contact with the client’s ex-, who is accused of sexually violating and stalking the client.

Among the allegations is theft of $3,000. The life coach, who reportedly says she is certified, is alleged to have taken $3,000 from an emotionally vulnerable client without providing a contract. Prevost allegedly contacted her client’s ex-, a man reported to have a history of felony crimes including abuse, drug dealing, having sex with teen girls, stalking the client, and reportedly causing the client more emotional harm.

A person close to the matter said, “Ungenita Prevost was bad mouthing the client in the women’s industry, and talked about the client owing her coach’s money. The client owing coach’s money for services that were never rendered to cover up and justify stealing and betraying the client with an ex that sexually violated her”

Prevost, is accused of other unethical practices that violate standard of conduct and confidentiality. The situation is ongoing and have yet to be proven in a court of law.

Prevost is an alleged certified life and business coach and provides services through Billion Dollar Beauty at