MindMaster more powerful than hypnosis: expert

Added by on March 29, 2012

A leading life coach and personal development expert says MindMaster is easier and faster than hypnosis at helping people transform their lives by achieving their dreams and goals.

“Let’s face it: hypnosis has a dodgy reputation. It’s been used by stage performers and charlatans for centuries to amaze, amuse and fool the gullible. For hypnosis to work, you have to prepare yourself, dedicate time to it, and find and work with a qualified hypnotherapist. MindMaster works while you work, it works while you play, it works whenever you’re at your computer. MindMaster is also customizable – you choose the positive affirmation messages and images that will help you reach your dreams and goals,” said a spokesperson.

MindMaster uses subliminal message technology to rewire the mind through positive affirmations. An example of an affirmation is, “Everything is getting better every day” – repeated often enough,the mind unconsciously makes subtle changes in thought and action to achieve that goal. MindMaster displays subliminal messages on a user’s computer screen while they work or play. Subliminal messages are shown very briefly on a computer’s screen – so quickly that almost all users don’t even see the message, and that, the company says, is the whole point. MindMaster uses the transformative power of the subconscious to help people achieve their goals.

MindMaster is available for Windows PCs, and notebooks and is now available on Mac too.

“MindMaster works with your subconscious, silently and subtly transforming your life where you achieve goals you never thought were possible,” said a spokesperson.

Find out more about MindMaster by visiting http://www.MindMaster.tv