Minneapolis-based NorthStar SEO, LLC. acquires SFSEO.us

Added by on January 26, 2012

Minneapolis-based NorthStar SEO, LLC recently acquired SFSEO.us, a website offering San Francisco SEO services to companies who recognize the benefits of a dominating web presence but don’t know how to achieve this. Prior to the acquisition, SFSEO.us had been successfully working with small businesses within the San Francisco, California area and even in other parts of the country for over a year.

Behind the acquiring company, North Star SEO, LLC, is the formidable team of Travis Van Slooten and James Dreesen, two accomplished Internet Marketing professionals who have a combined eight years of experience in developing and optimizing websites behind them. The company has primarily focused its Minneapolis SEO efforts on businesses based in Minnesota and the Upper Midwest but things are going to change soon with this latest acquisition.

“Being able to add SFSEO.us to our roster of websites providing SEO services is a major step forward for us because we can now reach out and offer our skills and knowledge to local businesses in San Francisco and other neighboring cities,” said Travis Van Slooten.

While NorthStar SEO, LLC. is looking forward to extending its reach in the market, its core services remain the same: search engine optimization, Google Places optimization, third party directory listings, and consultancy services on helping businesses get more positive customer reviews. But aside from their expertise in SEO, what the company really takes pride in is the prompt, personal service they offer, which they say, puts them a cut above others.

“It’s no secret that the Internet is awash with SEO companies,” said James Dreesen. “But when you put outstanding customer service on top of proven strategies and affordable pricing, then you offer a huge difference.”

This is the brand of service that NorthStar SEO, LLC. guarantees to bring to the San Francisco market. The team acknowledges the hard work that has been put into SFSEO.us for the past year, but they are confident that more is yet to come not only for California entrepreneurs but for businesses across the country who will work with NorthStar SEO.

“Acquiring SFSEO.us is only one of the many steps we intend to take to expand our footprint on the Internet and to broaden our target market beyond Minnesota and the upper Midwest,” Van Slooten said in closing.

NorthStar SEO services start as low as $399/month. For more information about the company and its services, visit http://www.nortstarseo.com or contact them at 612-326-3994.