Molae Properties announces quick sale of house guarantee

Added by on March 31, 2012

Molae Properties is pleased to announce its quick sale of house guarantee – the first of its kind in the industry.

“Molae Properties can make an instant offer and exchange within 24 hours. Our offer is not necessarily contingent on obtaining a mortgage as we are true cash buyers. We are so confident in our ability to deliver on our promise that we will pay you £300 if for whatever reason we do not proceed with a purchase at the agreed purchase price made to you in our offer letter,” said a spokesperson.

A quick sale of house is important in many cases, including stopping of repossessions, divorce, deceased estates, and cases of chain breaking (where a deal falls through as a result of the buyer failing to meet a condition).

Molae Properties has been in business in 2003 and does not require any extra fees with regard to the sale of a property.

“If you have lost faith in the traditional estate agent route then I would recommend Molae Properties as an alternative means of selling your property. Yes, you may sell at a somewhat reduced price, but this is outweighed by the benefits of reduced stress levels: no more estate agents, no more wasted viewings and no more broken chains or withdrawn offers. And, which was particularly helpful to me, a flexible completion date. They kept me fully informed of the progress of my sale at all times, and communicated with me in what I felt to be an open and trustworthy manner — there were no surprises or disappointments and I was very satisfied with the end result.” said a client, P. Daniels, Bromley.

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