More Dallas and Fort Worth homeowners choosing sustainable wood flooring

Added by on February 24, 2013

Hardwood flooring specialists says an innovative sustainable flooring solution using suppressed wood flooring is popular among green conscious homeowners.

“Hardwood flooring has long been a favorite of homeowners. Not only is it durable and lasts a long time, but it looks wonderful when polished. Wood floors are also relatively easy to clean and don’t harbor dust and other particulates like carpet.

“Many green conscious homeowners, however, worry about the impact of choosing hardwood floors over other commonly available choices. The good news is that there are sustainable wood flooring solutions available so you can still have a wonderful looking hardwood floor without feeling guilty,” explained a spokesperson.

According to The Floorman, a Dallas – Fort Worth hardwood flooring specialist, this type of hardwood flooring has been certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. All wood bearing this certification comes from forests throughout the United States that are actively managed in a socially responsible way by companies.

The company says there are several different varieties of wood available for purchase that have this certification, including many of the more expensive ones such as cherry, maple, and birch.

“The Floorman is a Dallas hardwood flooring expert who will be more than happy to speak with any homeowner about the certification process, as well as offer advice as to alternatives,” added the spokesperson.

“This is one such alternative to purchasing certified wood. Essentially, reclaimed wood is old wood taken from barns, sheds, and other structures that are torn down. The wood can either be resurfaced completely to give it a like-new appearance, or some of the rustic character can be left in order to provide a rustic feel to any home. Unfortunately, the availability of such wood is intermittent at best, so homeowners must plan ahead in order to secure the wood on time.

“Forests that become too dense are susceptible to diseases and blights. Therefore, the responsible thing to do is to go in and cut down a few of the trees in order to provide enough space so that the plant life can continue to flourish. That is where suppressed wood flooring comes from. Basically, the green conscious homeowner can rest assured knowing that whatever was taken out of the forest in order to make his or her floor was done so with the health of the other trees in mind. As with reclaimed wood, however, the availability of this type of product can be limited,” commented a company spokesperson.

“As Dallas – Fort Worth hardwood flooring specialists, the friendly staff at The Floorman are up to date on the latest green solutions for all your flooring needs. Best of all, they’ll not only help you choose a wood product that you can be proud of having in your home, but will install the floor for you at a very reasonable rate. Get 15% off when you fill out the little blue form on the website”

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