Movies previously purchased through iTunes available through iCloud

Added by on April 14, 2012 is proud to report an exciting breakthrough for movie lovers over the Easter weekend, with an announcement from Universal Studios and Apple that movies previously purchased through iTunes can be re-downloaded or streamed directly to Apple TV, via a user’s iCloud.

The agreement was reached in part after a previous iCloud deal promoted exclusive HBO iCloud content. Should Apple come to an arrangement with remaining major player 20th Century Fox, it is likely the company will dominate cloud-based movie access across phones and tablets well into the next decade.

Many thousands of iCloud enthusiasts agree that the decision has the capacity to revolutionise decision making of consumers who want immediate, legitimate access to new release movies from their loungerooms. It is a huge, credible leap forward by the consumer tablet pioneer, significantly so because of the successful marketing of Apple TV – the online, high definition alternative to blu-ray discs.

Consumers who have purchased a Blu-ray or DVD movie also now have full access to their title via the iCloud, thanks to the increasingly popular iTunes Digital Copy arrangement.

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