Multilingual SEO expert helps businesses expand revenue opportunities

Added by on October 21, 2011

Multilingual SEO expert Maria Johnsen

About 30% of all 2 billion internet users access websites written only in English, with about 1.4 billion users that use the internet in another language. Multilingual SEO expert Maria Johnsen helps businesses around the world tap into large, non-English speaking markets to increase engagement with current and prospective clients relations and increase revenue.

“English only SEO can deprive your business of a significant number of prospective clients.”, says Johnsen.

Johnsen continues, “An English only SEO campaign taps into a relatively small market. In addition, an English only SEO campaign only helps English speaking users find your website. Simple translation is not enough due to cultural and idiomatic-related issues – simple translation can lead to important misunderstandings for your business, your current, and prospective clients.”

Multilingual expert Maria Johnsen has been helping companies with their multilingual search engine optimization efforts since 2008. Contact Maria Johnsen at