Natural skin care for acne by Biocutis

Added by on March 6, 2012

Biocutis is pleased to announce the availability of Bioskinforte – a natural acne treatment that repairs the skin cells and fights acne bacteria to reduce inflammation and relieve your system’s immune system from stress.

“Acne is an inflammatory skin condition characterized by superficial skin eruptions. Acne can be upsetting and disfiguring and can also lead to serious and permanent scarring. Bioskinforte cream is natural skin care for acne that absorbs quickly and is made from a natural serum collected from live land snails, without any harm to them,” said a company spokesperson.

According to the company, Biocutis acts in thee ways: it combines natural antibiotic peptides that fight acne infection within the skin follicles, it contains bio-available skin regenerating peptides that help to quickly repair skin lesions, vanish red or dark marks and prevent and repair acne scars and it contains enzymes that open clogged pores and allow for the other ingredients to penetrate deeply into the skin follicles.

“With the daily use of a little Bioskinforte, dead cells and toxins are dissolved, hair follicles are cleaned of debris, germs are destroyed, and ultimately the sebaceous glands functions normally again. The final result is your face is clear of acne,” added the company spokesperson.

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