New eBook rockets into top 25 Kindle books within hours of release

Added by on February 28, 2012

Daily Deposits for the Soul, a new Kindle eBook by Henry Matlock, rocketed into the top 25 Amazon Best Sellers rank within its category, just hours after it was released on the Amazon Kindle Store.

“Daily Deposits for the Soul: The Busy Christian’s Guide to Abundant Living is a daily guide to making the transition from Biblical concept to practical and concrete action – to transform concepts to living truths,” explained the book’s author, Henry Matlock.

Dr. Kenneth T. Whalum said, “…Matlock has written a book that, if applied consistently, can and will transform the way you think about life, love, and you responsibility to lead.”

Matlock explained the book is presented in five parts and 30 “deposits” – one for each day of the month. Each part has several “deposits” that focus on areas like service, spiritual growth, and personal growth.

The first deposit, The Gift of Gratitude, describes how readers can learn to be content and thankful in spite of the circumstances surrounding and indwelling them through mediating on “things that are admirable and praiseworthy” leading to “…choose to adopt an attitude that subsequently develops into gratitude.” The “deposit” closes with a practical action readers can take.

“At the end of 30 days, I hope readers will be able to identify several areas in which their lives have improved and become more abundant from having read and acted upon the daily deposits,” commented Matlock.

According to Matlock, Daily Deposits for the Soul: The Busy Christian’s Guide to Abundant Living, is available to read for free from Amazon’s Kindle store until March 1 at 11:59pm, Pacific Standard Time.

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