New interactive job interview skill training helps people who need to find a job now

Added by on April 19, 2012

Gunter, Texas, USA – announces its new interactive job interview skill training program that helps people make the job interview process work for them.

“Job seekers may find themselves intimidated by the job interview process. That’s normal; everyone wants to ace the interview and get their dream job. However, it’s not that easy – people often get to the interview and find themselves unprepared for that important meeting,” said Peggy McKee, the creator of the program.

This direct coaching program lets job seekers hear the question, type in their answer, and then hear a career coach give an answer a hiring manager would be impressed with.

Using the program, job seekers can compare, analyze, improve their answers, increasing their chances to have a great interview and get the job.

This unique program is was created by Peggy McKee, a career coach with a background in sales, sales management, marketing and recruiting. Her experience and perspective gives strong advantages in a job search.

Thanks to, people discover secrets that help them become top candidates for the jobs they want. Job seekers learn the ideal answers to tough interview questions, drawing on lessons for what to include in each response.

In fact, that is often the main problem of all job seekers – just knowing what information to include in their answers. can help.

With more than 30 tools for job search success, along with blog posts, videos, webinars, helps people get the job they want fast.

On the site, people can find all the interview questions and answers they need, from starting a job search, getting ready for the interview, to after the interview and other job related resources they might need.

Highly qualified people regularly fail to land their jobs, not because they lack the skills, but simply because they’ve never been taught how to succeed in the interview. says it helps people realize what these mistakes are and teach them what to do, what to say, how to act when they are on a job interview, in order to get the job of their dreams.

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